Bob Dylan - Rough and Rowdy Ways

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Rough and Rowdy Ways Tracklist:


His best album since Modern Times. Mother of Muses is the stand out for me, all the rest are excellent. He put on a great concert in October of 2019, hope he can hit the road again!


Thanks so very much for giving us this parting gift. The man in the long black coat is not far from Dylan's front door and that realization has driven one of the world's true artists to deliver a somber, elegiac final masterpiece. At 79 Dylan's voice still is capable of delivering a heartfelt, nuanced performance but it has taken on a Muddy Waters growl and the record is certainly the better for this. Treasure this. For one of the world's last great artists has delivered his swan song.


I’m an amateur fan, mostly into his 63-67 stuff, but Jesus this record is incredible. This album is like Mozart’s Requiem, except instead of Bob’s death it’s the eulogy of the American Dream.


Bob.....please....please don’t stop🙏


This is the reason he is a Nobel recipient. I ordered this without hearing one cut, & this collection was worth the wait. Those who complain about his vocals, have missed the point, his music style is sharp and the lyrics bear the proof. This is a masterpiece.


Retire. Just quit embarassing yourself. No one applauds these songs at concerts. Does he reallky need the money?


Bob give it up.


Rubadubdub—I’m embarrassed and angry I paid money for this juvenile and narcissistic dreck. If Bobby thinks he’s playing a joke on us, he’s wrong—he makes himself the joke

Electric Skydog

Dylan once more proves he’s as great as they say. Yes you might be happy about these songs or sad, or amazed, or upset, or critical, or blown away, or in love. That’s the point. Five Stars

Frozen Inertia

Similar to Leonard Cohen - I feel like the later work shines brightly and is legitimately some of the strongest work they’ve done. Personally, I think there voices have only improved with age. Cohen’s deep baritone and Dylan now has a wonderful gravely blues voice. And the lyrics......


I respect Dylan and the influence he’s had on lots of others thru his music but IMO he’s no John Prine.


"Rough And Rowdy Ways"=I really thought "Tempest" was Bob's Endgame; How could He even top that? Well; He's done it again; Slow but Sure. Every song; Both Lyrically & Musically; Harkens back to another Place, Another Time in Bob Dylan's Discography. "Black Rider" to "Murder Most Foul"; He choses his words so carefully; Neither ashamed nor afraid to "Name Drop" Most everyone from Jack Kerouac to The Rolling Stones! Growly and Ruff when feeling Bluesy; Smooth and Crooney when he's Mellow & Reminiscing. (Been a rabid "Bobcat" since an insightful High School Teacher put on "John Wesley Harding" on morning in English Class!) Put Simply; Bob Dylan Has Done It Again; As Only He Can="You got to sit up next to the teacher if you wanna learn anything!"...By Grimmbo.

Steeltown Tom

I can’t stop listening to this album . People want to knock Dylan and put him in a box but his work has always been ahead of the pack . Crisp ,edgy and a mystery of looking back on a long and never ending trip . Keep them coming Bob 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


I just don’t get it. This is music ?


I sat in Washington Park in Chicago and listened to this whole album the other day with the passing dog walkers, the socially distanced sitters, the fountain, the first day of summer 2020. Rough and Rowdy Ways seemed to rightly fit. Try it and see if it works for you too--find yourself some busy parkbench in America and sit still and play this from end to end.

Festus Aggony

What makes this painful for me to listen to is the phlegm in his throat. It literally makes me cringe. I really wish I could like it. Sorry.


If you want to listen to some of the greatest songs ever written down, Bob Dylan should be the starting point.


One of the most overrated “singers” in rock history. Saw him in 2007 and he was terrible.


Gives me good vibes



growing up mccartney

I’m a big Dylan fan. It just seems like the same old rambling on that he been doing for the last 20 years. He just has the band repeat the chord progressions while he spits out semi cohesive lyrics. I understand the man is a genius no doubt. It feels like he is just punching a time card. The music is lifeless to me. My two cents.


So beautiful.


The paintings created by each phrase is overwhelming.

Ben Kenon

I had stopped following Dylan somewhat over the past few years. With the exception of “More Blood More Tracks,” I have been bored by much of what he’s released since “Shadows In The Night.” The Sinatra/Standards stuff wore on me after 5 discs worth of them, and of all the eras in Dylan’s career, my least favorite is probably the gospel era, followed by Nashville Skyline. Where “Another Self Portrait” uncovered a gem that was deliberately sabotaged by its creator, there’s no redeeming Bob’s born-again phase (in my opinion). ”Rough and Rowdy Ways” on the other hand, is brilliant. We see touches of the recent pop balladeer, interspersed with the gravelly blues singer and the folk revivalist troubadour. “Goodbye Jimmy Reed” is the highlight for me, though “My Own Version Of You” and “Crossing The Rubicon” come close. If you’re a fan of “Blonde on Blonde” and “Love and Theft,” you’ll love this one too.

Winged Dog

OMG. I'm 65 and his music shaped alot of my life and times, even if he doesn't admit it. But this? total garbage except for putting you to sleep, which it excels at. Not one tune you can remember, just his droning on and on. Hey Mr. Tamborine Man can you play a song me?


Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Dylan’s poetry and singing, his look back at life, his ability to make President Kennedy’s murder feel as if it happened yesterday, because it’s still as raw, the effortless subtlety of his accompanying band.

Coach Lonster XVIII

A Dylan gem.


There is a reason he is the greatest poet in American history since Whitman and this album is mesmerizing as much as it is a spiritual epiphany. Highly recommended!


Thank you Bob for a lifetime of music, a lifetime of stories, and lifetime of meaning! A true treasure that will live forever!

Jim M

Rough and Rowdy Ways is another masterpiece by the Master. It is his best album since Time Out of Mind. Lyrically among his greatest works, and extends his musical range into new territory he started exploring with the last three "Sinatra" albums which I had hoped were preparation for a new album that would apply his new voice to new material of his own. From rocky-bility blues romps (Goodbye Jimmy Reed) to majestic poetic epic tales (Mother of Muses Key West), to beautful love songs (I've Made UP My Mind to Give Myself to You), Dylan shows his mastery of each. Contrary to his haters, Dylan has one of the most expressive voices in popular music. And Bob shows on this album nobdy can sing Dylan like Dylan.


To the few people calling this album slow, I’m 100% positive you did not actually listen to it. I’m 20, I listen to a lot of new and old artists of all genres. When MMF first came out, I listened to it but barley paid attention. Listening to it again the next day I felt the same way, it was a boring rambling song and I couldn’t get through it. Then I listened again, and was blown away. Because I actually listened to the song, which is what I assume anyone calling this album “slow” is failing to do. It’s easy for music to sound good, with all the production behind pop/rap/alternative it’s all pleasing. But Bob Dylan’s music is more than that, he’s a songwriter who paints pictures with his words. This is a 5/5 album

Trust and Us


Its bad dont get this junk

Excellent vocals and powerful songs! Still being born at 80! Thanks Zim!


Dylan’s lyrical brilliance is needed now more than ever. Lead us out of the darkness, Bobby.


I've been listening to Dylan since I bought my first album (Highway 61 Revisited--and, yes, I'm that old.) This one may be the best, especially False Prophet. Enjoy!


This is the only Bob Dylan album I own but it’s so, so good.


Mr. Dylan sets a mood that feels timeless and noir at the same time. His journey through the American Songbook has given him the ability to enchant, create space for the listener’s imagination and speak to us all at once. It hints at being nostalgic, while having an immediacy that makes it completely relevant and boundless. This work feels like a film maker or photographer working in black and white, who, without the full array of color, possesses and contains more impact and reaches deeper into his work to impact the listener. It is a journey that keeps reverberating for us all.


Such a dishonest man. Bob Zimmerman would be ashamed.


After 4 albums worth of Sinatra songs i finally see why they were recorded. Dylan has aquired a sophistication of phrasing that is surprising at this point in the game. You can also understand every word--(something that never worried me anyway!) The songs are good and the band sounds great. Terrific production, presumably from Mr. Frost! This works nicely for me, I doubt if it will be one. of my all time favorites, but better in every way than Tempest. A new Dylan album is always cause for rejoice!


If 33-year-old Dylan released this album many years ago, it would be incredible then. The fact he puts out this kind of work at age 79 is astounding. This album is a masterpiece. Album of the year, hands down. Probably one of the best albums he’s ever recorded. They will be raving about this for many decades. Wow.


Reviews for a new Bob Dylan album tend toward extremes—some cry, “Masterpiece!” and others moan, “Garbage!” The former takes time to know for sure; the latter is easily dismissed about ten seconds into the first track on “Rough and Rowdy Ways.” What I know for sure: - This new album was well worth the eight years of waiting since “Tempest,” which (full disclosure) I loved instantly and still has a treasured place in my rotation. - As on the best of Dylan’s records, there is a common sonic thread that ties all the tracks together on this new album, yet each song stands apart with its own defining elements. - Lyrically, Dylan weaves allusions and figures from our world, but they come into focus in a manner that invites questions and the sweet silence required to listen and understand, elements sorely lacking from much of our lived reality today. - Some songs on “Rough and Rowdy Ways” unwind mysteriously, purposefully — some seem intimate, even confessional — another explodes into being with energy reminiscent of “Highway 61 Revisited” — still others border on spoken word poetry. - The instruments on this album alternately steal the show and recede into the background, depending on the track, and there is a certain dynamic quality that promises new layers and depths, in both words and music, only to be discovered upon revisiting. Ultimately, it’s too early to be sure of a masterpiece, but it’s well past the time to worry it doesn’t make the cut. For my part, “Rough and Rowdy Ways” took me far, far away on a first listen, and yet cracked open a new perspective on the very near and real world today. There is something special about this release, and after posting this review, I will promptly be returning for many more spins.


Look at real reviews from the biggest music critics out there. Everyone agrees this album is close to a masterpiece. Ignore the negative reviews on here. Anyone with discerning tastes will realize this is an incredible work from the legendary Dylan. This is his best album since Love and Theft. Highly recommended. I am loving it and after five listens, it gets better each time. Thank you Bob. This is just what we needed in these unpredictable and challenging times.


Bob Dylan really came to this album and with something new to offer, clearly much has changed for Dylan since Tempest and you can hear it in the style and tone of this record. There is something beautiful about the way this album flows, the entire atmosphere hangs around in some kind of a ghostly way. I absolutely love it.


Just when Bob Dylan looks like he's ready to pack it in, he opens up the suitcase, pulls out every drop of experience, exhales, and paints his masterpiece. Every influence, every thought he's ever had, every road he's traveled are here, from Elvis to JFK to Mick & Keith, to Jimmy Reed, and the thousands of Bob Dylans we've seen over the years. Make no mistake; the jester has taken back his crown.

Jessica L.L.

It's definitely not Wiggle Wiggle! This is A+++ gold. My favorite man is back, and I couldn't be happier!


Thanks Bob!


I’m blown away as usual. These three singles are gold and the rest of the album will be too!


Somehow, Bob Dylan isn't relevent anymore. The voice, which is debatable as to whether he ever had one, is reduced to some sort of scratchy version of the one of 50 years ago, probably from too many cigarettes and premium scotch. The three songs he allows us to sample are small and, for me, meaningless. Dylan's time has come and gone. I was an ardent folllower of his music during the 60's, when I was a young. Then, he took the money and checked out of the scene. Fair enough. But, listening to these samples, 50 years on, is like looking at someone's paint-by-numbers version of The Mona Lisa. Really, he should stick to straight poetry at his age and stage. But then it's tough to make a million bucks from an anthology of poems.


People give Dylan 5 stars because he’s Dylan. He sounds horrible and I can’t understand what the hell he’s saying. I’ll stick with “Blonde on Blonde.” It’s over man. Hang it up.

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