Cory Asbury - To Love a Fool

℗ 2020 Bethel Music

To Love a Fool Tracklist:


Amazing and amazingly anointed of God! I love this. I was having a rough day, I was able to purchase this on iTunes and I immediately felt like I was going to be ok. Thank you for following Christ, and letting Him use you to make this wonderful music.! God bless you!


Real-non religious thoughts set to beautiful music- in an intimate exchange between the child and his Creator. I found some lines from my personal journal artistically written and sung with humble confidence. Well done Cory! Well done.


New sound. Awesome and powerfully written

Way-street kids

Cory is amazing live! I think the studio takes away from great worship leaders. It feels like the studio and adding all the effects put the worship leader in a box.




This is a MASTERPIECE from start to finish!


My favorites are Canyons, Sparrows, and Dear God.


Just listen, friend. Enjoy.


10/10, one of the best records I’ve ever heard. Cory really made a great record with Reckless Love... but this record isn’t even in the same playing field. The maturity of his voice, and depth of the lyricism, and the invitation into the trance of the instrumentation is STELLAR. Songs such as, “Canyons” and “Sparrows” provide an upbeat, celebratory type of worship, but the true magic happens during songs such as, “Dear God”, “I’m Sorry”, “Faithful Wounds”, and one his most emotional songs, “Unraveling”. Those tracks (as well as the others) provide such a deep look into Cory’s love letters to God, showcasing such a heart like David. References to The Prodigal Son almost mirror his storytelling shown in Reckless Love, but stepping through that mirror opens up a consuming blanket of melodies and lyrics that just wrap around you like a hug from God himself. With the closer of a revamped version of his Billboard #1 hit, “The Father’s House”, there isn’t a single song out of place sonically, lyrically, or melodically. We are witnessing one of the best albums in CCM history right here. I’m blown away!


Where do I start? The first two singles were already masterpieces in both lyricism and instrumentalism. I listened to the entire thing at it’s midnight release. This is hands down my favorite album of 2020. Each song has Cory pouring himself out deeply in a beautiful and transparent manner. From the beautiful melodies of the guitar, to the big, deep tones of the drums. This Record is Incredible. Personal favorite song of the album is “Dear God”. This is one that’ll bring a flood of tears every time I hear it. There are days that I have felt inadequate. Days that I feel like what I do isn’t enough to make God proud of me. Not realizing he already was. Those day that are try to do something to win God’s love in some way. Not recognizing he’s loved me from the start. I highly recommend this album to anyone who’s reading this and anyone I come up to. Obviously distanced. Shoutout Rona. But I believe this is an album that will make history. Not in the way you may think. It could make history with streams or sales. But I believe it’s gonna do so much more. This album is going help those like me sing songs they didn’t know how to express from their hearts. This is gonna be a catalyst for people to be able to worship in the mystery and meet God in the Melody. To encounter the presence of God like never before. To feel the overflow of the Holy Spirit within their souls. Cory thank you for this beautiful art. It’s helped me and I know it’s gonna help a lot of other people too. God bless you and God bless you whoever may be reading this.


The sound, the melodies and these words are so influential and impactful! Cory’s music is raw and straight from the heart! This is no different! We are all lucky to have music like this!


Just what the soul needs!

Brayan Binzha

The title of this review says it all, love the new album and the message that it carries! Everybody needs to listen to this!

jesse flemming

Such a powerful and true album! This is what praise and worship is!


I can tell that this album came from a place of true connection and communion with Jesus! It’s got a fun vibe to it too! I love it!


the rawness, the heart, the pure bliss that is this album...WOW... so beautiful!


Love this album already!

Nick Borden

A great album that combines indie/pop with contemporary Christian worship music. Definitely is something everyone can listen to, not just Christians.


This album is straight fire everybody should listen to this album!! 🔥🔥🔥💙💙💙


Absolutely moved by this album. The first two songs had me so excited for the rest of the album- definitely didn’t disappoint! 🔥


This album is personal, touching. These songs pull me closer to God and I love that. Beautiful. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Timely album... very excellent.


Listening to live premier 1minute in I bought the album.


Good Album


These two singles are great. Looking forward to the whole album! Cory is an incredible singer and songwriter

Andrea in Crown Heights

I really love and appreciate lyrics that tell a story. Cory weaves scriptures into life in songs about having hope and faith in God in every season and throughout trials. It’s helped me through some tough moments. It’s a must buy!!


Cory is able to put words to my deepest thoughts. I cannot choose between Canyons and Sparrows...they are both incredible!


I love the chill vibe of Sparrows! I love it's sweet, happy groove! This is such a timely song in the midst of all that's happening in our world right now...I so need to stay focused on God's excellent care of me and all that concerns me <3 This song takes me there and keeps me there. Thanx Cory! Can't wait till the whole album is released!!!




Oh. My. Gosh. That’s it! Listened to Cory way back to IHOP days. He is the sound of this generation and the words of Biblical living coming alive.


Big W


cory asbury is one of my favorite Christian artists, and i just listened to sparrows and it is amazingggg!!! i can’t wait for the album to come out! 😄