deadmau5 & The Neptunes - Pomegranate

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Pomegranate - Single Tracklist:

J. Moses Boone

not my thing


Hekkin’ loving the grooves with this one. Can already tell this hit is going to be played at BBQ’s and Pool Party’s everywhere this summer.


Love this song!


It’s not awful like everything else he is has been coming out with in the past few years, but it is still a half-baked attempt at a quality electronic song. His music sounds like he does not care anymore. I miss Ghost n’ stuff

Mr Blazer LT

Enough said.


This will be the song of the summer mark my words. It’s going to be like how it was when Daft Punk’s Get Lucky was the hot summer song.


He’s back! Not going to be a fav mau5 song of mine but they Did a great job making a good pop electronic song for the summer without selling out. Quality production and vocals


Groovy and yet another solid track.


This track serves as an excellent source backing up how amazing of an album his upcoming one will be! Pomegranate (fun fact, this song used to be called Talkback/Rupert) is an upbeat, flawless work of gold, sounding equally as amazing with or without the vocals. The Neptunes pulled off a modern, yet underground feel of the lyrics, providing what I thought was necessary to create such a great track. 5/5, cannot wait to see what the new album has in store!

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