Disturbed - The Sickness

β„— 2000 Reprise Records

The Sickness Tracklist:

BRC 813

One of the best Rock - Metal albums I have ever listened to.


Favorite songs are Fear, down with the sickness and voices


Way better than any rap album


Holy heck this band is just the worst


Better then than now

Destroyer 21πŸ‘Ύ

Nu Metal at its best and purest prime

Sean M. H.



One of the best debut albums of any artist in the early 2000s.


TOP CLASS album, it’s historical now.


Is so cool and so hardcore I also like dropping plates and fear




I'm sorry


i was listening to this when i was 12 lol hella badassss.!!




Brings back so many wild memories, man I was young and super buck when this came out 🀘🏻😈🀘🏻


I love this particular Disturbed album. My favorite is the crowd pleaser, Down With The Sickness. I also like Voices and Stupify. I think I could've went without Numb, though. "Get up, come on, get down with the sickness!!"




I know how my title sounds. It was their debut album, for Cthulu's sake. But I bought this CD brand new when it came out back in 2000, and, for the past 16 years, I cannot find one single thing wrong with it. This album changed my life as far as music goes and I've been a fan ever since. Disturbed has put out a lot more music since then, granted; All of it is good from one extent to the other. However, if you like their sound and haven't heard this album in its entirety, you owe it to yourself, and the band, to get it. Highly, highly recommended.


Decent 🀘😊


Me i Play It once a week because i to have a very disturbing personality not towards others but more inward on me 27 pills and counting true tis,so i truely idenfy with this song love it and the music also is great ROCK on OR METAL to the Pedal whoop oh i'm 64


This and Believe are there best albums in my opinion. Very solid debut release


I'm only 14 and I love this album. I grew up listening to it and it's by far one of the greatest albums I've heard. My entire family loves disturbed especially this album.


I really like voices, sickness of course :) stupify,this is a group new to me, now a new follower, great to hear some serious Metal, leg day at gym, pumping iron music...


Don with the sickness is the creepiest song I've ever listened to and that's what make the band unique. Using simple words make music cool and creepy. I'll probably be thinking the fact that a 13 year old kid heard this and enjoyed it. My life for you all.


In Down With The Sickness, listen to 3:29, it is the best part in any song I have ever heard!!!

Deaths fun

My favored are the sickness, voices, and stupify


Numb and meaning of life stop playing a quarter of the way... i hope i can get them fixed

Jo C815

Disturbed change the face of the rock world. In a time where original was lacking, they bursted out one the scene and literally rocked the world. Metallica had their time, disturbed definitely had theirs too, and they will live on forever!!!


I honestly believe this is the greatest debut album in metal/rock history. Voices is my favorite hard rock song of all time and I highly recommend this album to all those who haven't heard it. I think it's Disturbed's best record. Absolutely love it. I'd give it 6/5 if it were possible.