HAIM - Women in Music Pt. III

℗ 2020 Haim Productions Inc. under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

Women in Music Pt. III Tracklist:


I only recently discovered Haim but I haven't been this excited to buy an album in quite some time. "The Steps" is a total earworm that I haven't been able to stop playing on YouTube. So glad this album is including some of their recent single releases too. Go girls!


I’ve listened to HAIM for years now and I think this could be their best album. So far all the songs, including the bonus songs they released last summer, are fantastic. The Steps is a great single, that honestly, should be getting more attention. I look forward to the rest of their songs on this album.




Trying to normalize ugliness and wanting us to embrace it. No. Beauty is obvious as it induces in people the automatic response of awe. (Grand Canyon, a grand symphony, a gorgeous woman) when someone tries to convince you that something is great or beautiful, that's an obvious red flag that it isnt. Beauty requires no convincing. Only jealous people that hate upon beauty will try to sway people to their line of thinking.

bama jeff

Love these songs so far! Very nice vocals, instruments, and production! Check out the videos for "The Steps" and "Hallelujah"...absolutely awesome. Have watched them hundreds of times! Very good girls!


I’m in !!!!




These songs are amazing and are so different yet still so Haim.