Kygo - Golden Hour

℗ 2020 Kygo AS under exclusive license to Sony Music International Ltd

Golden Hour Tracklist:


Another example of how uninventive an artist turned mainstream can be. Nothing at all I can say I like about this. All the sheep will buy it though - have fun.

guy that rules

This man is the only person who can carry on avicii's will.


Absolutely never disappoints. Kygo nails it on every song and leaves you wanting more and more every time. Guy’s unbelievable. 👏🏼 Much love. 🙏🏼

pats 911

Impressive - nicely done!

Efrain Charlie

“The Album of An Exactly An Hour Brings a Golden Moment of Listening Something that is Tropical House Fuse Into Pop and Electronic but in a Smooth Way that Everyone can Enjoy with Singers never Heard and Some from Avicii’s People that Exactly Help Bring Something Beautiful. Every Song has a Unique Way to be Listen in that way even though is not Innovated it can still Channel a Good Vibe Around because It’s About Being in the Moment which can be About Love, Yourself, Life, and Motivation of Your Entirety which is a Unique Concept Behind it that Fans will Enjoy much Between where is Came From and What is the Result of Everything Put Together for People to Choose.” 9/10 It Almost had Everything but it Needed a Better Push to Make it Stand Out to be Interesting for People to Find which is Needed for to be Discover in the Future.


As usual 👌


NOT! TRY I am so Mad Dog. Or Morton Acts Dead Dead Orange Grapes. Bbbbb


Kygo has always been one of the absolute best producers of EDM & Dance music in history, and this album is second to none. Packed with 18 incredible songs and a full hour of beautiful music that hits you right in the heart. There’s a mix of sound variety and something for everyone to like. Lots of emotional songs about love and heart break but also good hopeful and feel-good jams as well! Not only is Kygo talented, but he’s a good man and fully worth supporting. You won’t regret it! 🌴🔊🎵


Woke up this morning, depression eating me alive. (Turns on Kygo new album) emotional roller coaster of emotions. Revelation: I am worth it, I’m gonna be okay., music heals scars. Music save lives.


Best album!


New sound but still familiar, some truly beautiful music KYGO! Thank you!


This album is definitely a bop


I think this album just completes my life, it will get me through the hard times and it throws me into another world, IM LOVING IT :)))

عبداللهہ القميل قداً :$

So good, Kygo. Hope you cooperate with Selena again. ❤️❤️


Im not a big album fan but more so a song here and there however Kygos unique style is inviting and creatively differentiated to make me feel like I’m partying on a beach all the time. Whitney Houston’s Higher Love is the highlight here but 4 songs id purchase on their own. Only knock is sometimes he holds too true to his style and the songs blend together.


The album is a total vibe


.... makes me so moist.


Love the new sound of this album!

Lauren fideles

I’ve waited so long for this to drop, and as always, Kygo kills it🔥🔥🔥!!!! His talent is unmatched! 18 songs!!!??! Giving us life Mr. Kygo!


Kygo does it again! Great album all the way through, fantastic work by all vocalists! If you like music by Kygo, this album is a must listen!


Such a good summer album!!!


Unbeleiveable. KYGO does it again!




Absolutely perfect album... Love hearing those melodies that still remind us of Avicii... to then your classic tropical beats... to even the slower songs.... everything is perfect 🤍

colten oha

The perfect mix of old and new Kygo. Top notch vocals for every track. Only forgettable tracks to me are Only Us and Say You Will, which is only 2 of 18 tracks (and I’m sure they’ll grow on me soon). Definitely gonna have this on repeat for a while!🌴 🎶


Love, love the song and beautiful music


Kygo is simply the best artist in the world right now imho, and this is his finest work to date. It edges out Cloud Nine due to the fact that it’s longer and reaches higher levels; this truly is Tropical House at its peak


Not surprised at how incredible this album is!!! Kygo is the pioneer of Trop House.


KYGO is the best producer in the game!

$Wade D. Boy

Super original title, can’t think of any recent albums (especially GRAMMY award-winners) that share its name.


This album is really bad

Robbie Stanton

Can’t wait! I wish Carry On(feat. Rita Ora) was on this album too. I first heard that song on Radio Disney!

ESPN at Work

Kygo has such musical talent. All of his songs and melodies bring joy to the heart and lightness to the spirit. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

Official MDX

I haven't tuned in since Cloud 9, but "Freedom" got me hooked in. That Avicii sound is something I really miss.


He absolutely never disappoints. Huge supporter of this guy. Incredibly humble and puts an incredible amount of work into everything he touches. This album should be big for him and he deserves it His sound is so simple yet so catchy and unique. There’s other artists out there that have a similar sound but none are as unique as Kygo. Did he invent Tropical House? No. Is his stuff bangers like Avicii’s or Calvin Harris or Tiesto or Martin Garrix? No. He’s somewhere in between which is what makes it so beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, he does have a banger here and there but his music is more... “anytime” music. You can dance hard to his stuff or lay back and chill. It’s a perfect balance Interestingly, I’ve watched Kygo’s style transform from simple remixes with big melodys (no generic heavy drops) to some newer stuff with unique vocals from lesser known artists that follow the same melodic theme to some of his newer stuff with tons of vocal chops so you can see he changed his style a bit but it’s not like he left his old style behind. From what we’ve heard so far of this album, he’s got a little of everything in there which is probably super difficult for an artist to do (I.e. have multiple styles in one project). The way his mind works picking what sound he wants for a specific track is amazing. This album is gonna kill it Side note: how amazing is it that he works with such lesser known artists because he appreciates their talent and combined that with some other well known ones in the same project? The guy is so humble and so appreciative of music as a whole. Huge supporter of Kygo. Easily one of the most talented producers in the genre right now. Great work Kygo keep it up


Kygo is an amazing producer and pianist! His music is exactly what the world needs right now. I’ve loved every album he’s put out and this one is arguably his best!

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