Oliver Tree - Ugly is Beautiful

℗ 2020 Atlantic Recording Corporation

Ugly is Beautiful Tracklist:




i’m always surprised when the album starts over again, such an easy listen. I was just saying the other day it sounds like there’s influence from cage the elephant, beastie boys, twenty one pilots, and blink. cool to see that others are hearing the same!

Halle Marais

5 stars. i absolutely love him! great music to vibe to!

young dover

The first time I heard the album it exceeded expectations. This is a type of album you. An easily listen through more than once. Although some of the songs were already released this was due to the record label wanting to gain more of a profit off of him according to an interview

disgruntled memer


Honor C.

10/10 album 10/10 guy


Great album. Dude’s a genius


Thank you scooter god for blessing us, we love you. People need to realize it wasn’t his fault it was the record label he’s done so much and spent so much this album deserve a lot of recognition.


Been waiting for this and wasn't disappointed. Every song is 🔥🔥🔥 The music is deeper than you think


For ya dumbies that haven’t bothered to look into it, the songs are reused cause all of those songs were originally from this album, but the label wouldn’t let him release it yet. He ended up using some of the songs like Alien Boy and Hurt for his EPs. I like the album by the way.


Album is worth i


So fire! Keep it on repeat!


His music is absolutely meaningless lol




wonderful flow start-to-finish


Oliver tree is undoubtedly the #1 artist of our generation


I didn’t get mad about the wait so you know true fan here


Stop making music please this is terrible.


Straight fire

Noble, King

Just nah idk

kris < 3

this is truly some of the worse music that I have heard in quite a bit of time. Pure trash.

Darius x

This album is one of the best I have ever heard from start to finish and I have listened to so many albums. Almost every song is a banger here. You won’t regret the purchase since you’ll be listening to it “over and over again”. After reading the reviews, I have to say that people who are complaining that there isn’t enough “new content “ or that “he delayed it twice” are wrong to give this album one star reviews... This iTunes review page is about reviewing the album by itself and not external factors. Please share your opinion on Oliver Tree on reddit instead of review bombing his fantastic album. Side Note for Big Oliver Tree Fans: I’m sad that my favorite song circuits (a still unreleased song) was not on this album cause it is my favorite and you can listen to the demo version on YouTube.


On repeat


Music 1000000000% bad ass 😏


the songs are all great but like half have already been released it kinda made me upset especially since i’ve been waiting so long for this just to get an ep amount of new songs and not a an album full. Anyway i still loved all the songs and i’ll miss his music.


This is the best alt album I’ve heard in the last 5 years. LOVE It❤️ Thank you apple recommend for this, it’s incredible!!!!


I love every song in this album and I feel it was well worth the wait and great way to finish off his music career. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with in the film industry.


never heard of em take this shii off itunes not spending money on a trash ass person trash can boy

annalisa .b

Entire album is amazing Oliver did an amazing job great listen :)

Bored on road trip

I love this album!! I like the variety of different styles of music in each song.


Every song is great. Worth it!


Beauty of an album


Love the album

haha its ok

bro this is so good, i’m a new fan but ur sooooo underrated


Nothing but hits 🔥🔥🔥

Mamon badi



This man is just the best


i love oliver and this masterpiece of an album with my whole heart. i wish nothing but the best for oliver in his future. thank u oliver 💙

Chamillitary Fan1

I heard about Oliver Tree on the H3 Podcast. Just bought the album and have it in replay. I love the different styles he uses. Great vibes for playing video games and work. 😄


Why not


It’s just something to listen during hard times recommend this to everyone who loves music


The albums old songs are amazing and the new ones are too. I love this album worth the long wait


Decent stuff. 😼😻✊🏿

The most unique name

This guy has never made a bad song


It’s a shame Oliver’s music career was cut short by a bad label, he truly is an amazing character and artist. Gonna miss his music🛴

Whitney Evelyn

I was already hooked once I heard the pre-released music and the whole album is better than I expected. Even though a majority of the songs were released before the album, which is disappointing but Oliver has said it wasn’t his choice, the songs that I haven’t heard were phenomenal. The great vocals and production really make his music stand out to me. Ugly Is Beautiful really is an amazing album that embodies the best of Oliver’s music.