Shinedown - Atlas Falls

℗ 2020 Atlantic Recording Corporation

Atlas Falls - Single Tracklist:

Parker Johnson

Huge Shinedown fan!! I absolutely love this song!! Great uplifting song to help us all get through this rough time in our lives.

i <3 CDxDC

Perfect timing to release an amazing inspirational song. Crazy to think this was written for Amaryllis only for it to not be used. Thankful they released it!

Shyanna a random girl

Not too catchy, but ayyy; it sounds good.


I was extremely happy when I heard this haunting yet uplifting song from Shinedown, I thought this is one of their best songs to date and I couldn’t wait to see what else was on their new album...Needless to say I’m disappointed to learn this is a unreleased song from one of their old albums, not that the new stuff they do is bad, it’s just the time when they recorded this song is when I think they were at their best...I really hope they eventually prove me wrong!


Dope return! Good message

Ft footy

Great rock song for this time period great beat


I Love this song and can’t wait till I can see them preform again!




Reliving my Amaryllis days? PRICELESS



ihuiuihhjiiii in f



Is this supposed to be country?! I really don’t know why it’s even on the charts

Whassss Up

A Beautiful Song 🤘


Absolutely amazing song!!! Very inspiring and encouraging with what’s going on today. I’m so glad they cut this from the amaryllis cd and held onto it for a more trying time. Thank you Shinedown 💞 🤘🏻✊🏻


Just no worlds can say. This is awesome


Agust D snapped so hard and stays unbothered while everyone gets pressed. ✨Stan a king. Stan YOONGI.


Love this song


Jasin Todd is surely missed in shinedown. Bring Jasin Todd back

Tony "The Man"

Love you guys. Can’t wait to see you back on the road.



Ag3nt Dud3



Shinedown from the 00’s had some decent stuff, but they spent the entire past decade regressing. They also don’t care about their fans health since they defiantly want to tour amidst a pandemic. So they tarnish their legacy with releasing trash music, and they actively promote their fans to congregate in close quarters to watch their pathetic live show while there’s a pandemic going on. Get real Shinedown, you’re irrelevant now.

Gloryto GOD!

This is an incredible song for these trying times we are going through!! Great job guys!! Hope to see you on tour soon when all this gets better i hope!


I love this band ! Great song !!


I loved the song but I can promise you it was recorded for the amaryllis album and was left out. You can tell by how the flow of the song resembles the flow of other songs on that album


I love this song!!! Never disappointed!!!


This is great single! If this is any inclination of what their album is gonna be like. It's gonna be a banger. Their last album was kinda a flop and not what I'm used to from this band.


Heard the song the other day on the radio and liked it then. Was diagnosed with cancer today and I like the song even more. Very appropriate for the current times.


What is this and why is it #11...


This band never fails to disappoint. Great single.


This band always give hope to thoes in need and this song shows ❤️


I am so glad that Shinedown finally released this song on iTunes! Great song with a great message and lyrics! Just the song we needed during these difficult times!


What a uplifting and inspiring song. Just love it.


Not only is the message of the song amazing the song itself is just perfect. Stuck in my head still! Shinedown never fails!


I saw that you guys were going to release this early two days ago.


I have listened to Shinedown for a long time and their music is awesome, this song does not disappoint! Great beat, meaningful lyrics! Keep it going!


This is one song that is jus incredible. Love shinedown. They don’t disappoint.


Thank you for releasing this at a time we all need it! ❤️


Such a good song! Great music and message! 🤘🏻


Not their normal stuff i listen to however it’s a good song. Brent said this was made a while ago but felt this was a great time to release it. Exceptional stuff right here.

Jen Andrews

Been waiting for this song for weeks and it does not disappoint.


Absolutely great.