The Beach Boys - Greatest Hits

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I’ve loved The Beach Boys my entire life. (56 years). I hope the newer generations find this album.

jardinero saciudad

Only four songs play. It says the others are not available in my country. After I already purchased it.

Craigger 007

Even after all these years!!!


All songs are good!

texas chainsaw addict

The beginning of rock

i donlknow

It’s not surprising that wouldn’t be nice was the second most popular


I was born in the 90s but have a old school heart for music like this it’s like a time machine when I listen to this guys sing awesome feeling!

Bobby Bee

Again, like Chicago & the Beatles, this is music, that if you came up in my era, early 60's-70's, hey were the SOUNDTRACK of our lives. I'm talkin' AM Radio boys & girls (WABC) in NY or even better 100-FM later on Cousin Brucie & the Good Guys - Listen & enjoy as I complete my 4,000-song+ collection... Yea The Beach Boys HAD to be included..... Peace (Oh yea, and I haven't purchased this one yet either, lol)


Se merci

music city citizen

I'll jump on the bandwagon and give it 5 stars in the hopes that we can get this Average Rating up to the 5 stars, which is what it deserves, in my opinion.


I’m sorry to say the sound is disappointing to say the least. Nothing like the Four Seasons greatest hits. I don’t think the value is there for this product. Make sure you listen to it before you buy.


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Kristi Kisling

I have watched full house even though I was born not in that time but my parents were. I always remember and loved when The Beach Boys were in the episode. They are and always be my fav band. Who wouldn't put a 5??


I'm 20 and I was raised on the beach boys! Great music to put you in a good mood.


I turned 16 in 1965 in Huntington Beach, Ca. Loved the Beach Boys. Took all their tunes with me to the Nam at 19 years old. Grew up to all the great music of the Boys and still listen today.

home's where the heart is

Brian Wilson's Pet Sounds Aniversary Tour's underway this summer - The Beach Boys came through that late 1960's summer I turned 16 and got a drivers license. There was a hot- smart (can't have the first without the later - for me anyway) gal in a summer session...wanna go ? had a date...they even got to dance on the stage - and it never occured to me to ask anyone else (still the same - when I'm feelin' do the lyric's go ? " Got My Mind Set On You ". It's like time travel here in the back yard. There is an almost cherry, full size, sleek late '60's convertible - outta nowhere this collectors classic at a very affordable price - still planned on haggling but behind that locked garage door - this incredible car - Could not stifle myself nor stop grinning. With dredging, land is made /reclaimed every day, but they'll never ever make anymore of these, and like a beautiful woman, just can't stop looking at her. Told my granddaughter it's her's when she's old enough to drive, and do you like it? "Yes grandpa ..I REALLY LIKE IT "...and already behind the wheel while I'm under the hood helping start it. As it's still a good half dozen years till she can drive it'll be loads of fun polishing and tinkering on this real show car that sounds sweet too ! Tears well up as I think back when I heard some of the sweetest guitar picking ever - honestly don't know why but it touched me to the core - thought that's why God made the electric guitar, and that's why The Beach Boys "That's Why God Made The Radio" caught my it..then found out, while it's pure Beach's new- so to speak- from the 2012 album of the same name. It also leads off The Beach Boys Greatest Hits album released that fall. Everyone who hears the engine agrees it's running in top notch condition. It's really nice when old equipment works better than ever. Haven't put the top down yet, just know it works..bought it without even putting my hands on the wheel. Some things you just don't forget how to do. Was told the radio's the only thing that doesn't work. God's plan may have been for it not to work - the radio that is - so I can add a sound system ( maybe a boom box to start ) put the top down, and go cruisin'. Should invite the one I really care about to take a ride or even drive it. People already wave and shout, and since she's truly one of the prettiest gals on the planet, cars will be colliding and crashing as motorists crane their necks to catch a glimpse of true classic beauty X 2 .


I grew up to the Beach Boys, I'm a big fan but where is"I can hear Music" in my view one their biggest. They didn't play it on their 50th tour and that was a big disappointment. Some lame excuse was given. In 69 we couldn't stop singing it. Got to see the Beach Boys in 69 and there was Carl singing it. Oh well, that is what the four stars is four.

Log stub drums

Just confused as to why anyone rated this anything but 5 stars...


How could anyone in their right mind leave anything but 5 stars for this incredible compilation from one of America’s greatest bands ever. Timeless… or Endless Summer.

H p:)

Love the Beach Boys!


Honestly, every Beach Boy album and song is worth listening to. It's hard for me to understand how you could just listen to 20 songs and not want more. I guess if your just a mild fan or newly introduced this is a somewhat solid album with remastered hits. In reality you still are not getting the whole picture of just how "on point" this group was, without listening to the full albums.

double digit

This is a cd that you can enjoy all summer. The Beach Boys are legends in my book. I am only 26 years old and I am a fan of these guys. I started to like this band when I saw them on Full House if anybody remembers that show. If you like summer music then this would be it.

double digit

This is a cd that you can enjoy all summer. The Beach Boys are legends in my book. I am only 26 years old and I am a fan of these guys. I started to like this band when I saw them on Full House if anybody remembers that show. If you like summer music then this would be it.


What a swell album, I was listenting to these slammin' tunes and I was like I want to boogie all night to the doo da doo da dee mi amigos.


❤️ Surfin' USA!!!!! Go Beach Boyz!

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