Van Halen - Van Halen

℗ 1978 Warner Records Inc. Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, A Warner Music Group Company.

Van Halen Tracklist:

Milkshake Heatwave

Better than Tay Swift


I don’t ever leave reviews, but this album is by far the best purchase I’ve ever made. In my opinion, album is worth any price. I’ve listened to this album start to finish at least once a day for many years, and instead of gradually getting burnt out of the songs, as is typical, I’ve only grown to love each song more and more. I still get goosebumps listening to this masterpiece. I can’t recommend it enough.

The Clozer

This along with other Davis Lee Roth era albums (VHII, Woman and Children First, Fair Warning, Diver Down, 1984) were basically the soundtrack of my youth and set the template for swagger that all the LA Bands that came out in 1980’s strived to emulate, it sure made being a kid in the 1970’s and a teen in the 80’s a great time to be alive with memories that will last a lifetime that the kids of today will never know because of all the technology and tracking of ones every movement ......I’ll take growing up then with all the fun, optimism, and friendships of my era over today 10 out of 10 times...


when is dave gonna come around with his ice cream truck i wanna buy ice cream from him

Tony game man

Every single song is great, trust me. I’ve heard every song on this album. All have a guitar solo, which are all epic, plus great lyrics by David Lee Roth. Other hard rock artists such as Led Zepplien, Boston, and AC/DC have great debut albums, but this band took what they all created and mushed it all together to create this epic album. Bravo, bravo.


my fav!


How can you NOT give this a 5-star? I wish I was around when it first came out.


van halen band van halen album is an awesome album


One of the best debut albums of all time

The Dude 😎👍

Son of a b***h how does he do eruption

Z VanDurick

This band’s awesome music is almost parallel to AC/DC. I can now call this another piece of my heavy metal album, thank you Van Halen


Is this the 2015 Remaster? Sounds quiet more like the 2000 one.


This is quintessential Van Halen. Downhill from here. One of the best debuts ever.


I played this cassette till it squeaked!


Brings back awesome memories!! Growing up at this time was the best!!


This guy is a pro at guitar. In Runnin' With the Devil he was so good. Then David Lee Roth your one of my favorite front man. This debut album I think is one of the best debut albums of all time. Van Halen you guys are really good


There is nobody on the face of the earth that can out play Eddie

A word lover...

This edition of this album sound WAY over compressed! I also have the high definition 192Khz version of this album and it’s totally fine. Apple is supposed to be using this same HD master for the Mastered for iTunes stamp. They must have messed something up during the process. Apple please fix this error!


No review needed; title says all.


A quintessential must have for any classic hard rock collection. Even if you didn't grow up with this music, it should be in your collection. The entire album is excellent.


van halen can't be stopped


I remember wearing out my 8-track tape of this album when it came out in 1978. David Lee Roth, Alex and Eddie Van Halen with Michael Anthony at there best. Must have for your rock and roll collection.

I was washing my friend's car when out of nowhere the local radio station played Eruption. I was a young musician but I thought that was a synthesizer! That's how outrageous Eddie's playing and tone were in 1978. I then saw them open up for Black Sabbath on the now legendary "they blew Sabbath off the stage" tour. And it's true. Van Halen on their first three or four tours were killin'. But that show, on Thanksgiving night in 1978 for the tour of this album was one of the most impactful rock shows of all time. It was probably like seeing The Beatles for the first time. They changed rock forever and were probably the last great classic rock band. Buy this album, Woman and Children First and 1984 and you'll be set. Actually Van Halen II and all the Roth era albums are great.


This album is completely flawless, beginning to end. An absolute must-buy.


Hands down the best rock 'n' roll album of all time!!!!!!!!!!


The most epic guitar solo ever.


I think it would be hard to truly appreciate how otherworldly this record sounded in 1978, unless you were a young music fan hearing it for the first time in that year. I was a very young, aspiring guitarist when this came out. I was in love with the sounds of Blackmore, May, Hendrix, Schenker, Roth, Page, Iommi...all I can say is Van Halen's debut seemed to tear a hole in the sky. He clearly had not only his own sound and personality but a technique that, in the days before music videos, no one I knew could tap into. Eddie was fierce...he was also fiercely original and wonderfully musical. David Lee Roth's charismatic vocal presence on VH is insistent and energetic as Ed's wonderful guitar playing. They were a truly seminal rock 'n' roll band that defined their own era. Even now, hearing "Little Dreamer" raises the fur on my arms. I remember thinking at the time that VH's debut sounded vaguely menacing, but not at all like Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin who sounded mysterious in very different ways. Surprisingly, I find that "Van Halen" is as exciting to hear today as it was to the ears of the 10 yr. old boy that I was in 1978, sitting in my p.j.'s dropping a needle into the grooves of the classic slab of vinyl...over and over again. Brilliant!!!!


I'll be buying this. This album brings back some good memories of me and my best friend smoking and drinking in 9th grade. We either had this album on or AC/DC's Back in Black. Good times!


Now I Know Boston did a good job, but Van Halen did even better. There are other good albums, which include every album until 1984, but this one was by far the best. Better than 1984 and Women and Children First.


A genuine masterpiece! Timeless


Best debut album of all time along with appetite for destruction. Get this, you won't regret it!


Must have rock album. Vocals and guitar are outrageous. Harmony singing is world class. Get this now. The best.


Anyone who claims to like rock music at all has no excuse to own this. Not only has this records sold millions of copies and influenced countless rock guitarists, but it continues to hold up and sounds new today as well. The first 4 Roth era Van Halen records are must haves!


Van Halen Appetite for Destruction The Doors In that order. Eddie's guitar work is downright filthy.


Imo this is the best Van Halen album of all time and it really shows it by all four musicians. This is the best remastering they've done so far, and the equing (sorry if it's misspelt) is tremendous and the sound quality is amazing! Every song off the album is great although my favorites are runnin' with the devil, atomic punk, and on fire!